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Well, time to come clean. Things are bad in here right now. My metaphysical Here. That's why I haven't posted or even logged on. My anxiety meds aren't working. Plus, I ran out of them on Monday. (Have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to deal with some of that.) My heart meds aren't really working all the time. I'm sleeping WAY too long, waking up a lot. Eating like a maniac. Feeling completely overwhelmed. I snapped in two of my classes this week. I had to send an apology out to one class today because I fucking lost it. I don't even want to get on the scale...which is almost unheard of. That's why it was a bit hard for me to be more supportive of your awesome ten pounds the other day. Instead I came off sounding patronizing. Sucks. I'm really proud of you; this is the kind of break you needed. The worst part is that I've actually been getting some exercise, but it is so easily countered by eating out at restaurants. Dave and I have blown hundreds of dollars eating in restaurants this month. I think about that constantly. I don't know what's even up with that. I don't have any idea what's going on. I think I need a freaking vacation. Wonder when I'll ever be allowed to get that...

I think I need to go into pop star rehab. I think I'm just in a slump--frustrated and, well, frustrated. The fucking Heels better win tomorrow. I swear.

Don't worry: no plans to go postal. :)

Think good thoughts, and keep up the good work!
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