kerryc (rocklotto) wrote in powerprincesses,

Boo hiss

Nothing positive to report. I had a really lazy weekend. Slept a LOT, felt generally sucky. The scale said I lost a pound and a half, but I think it must have been lying. I'm sure I'll get on it tomorrow and it'll show that I actually gained three pounds.

This weekend, we had some friends who were in town from Richmond and they spent the night Saturday with our friends Dave and Sandy. Well, we were all supposed to go to brunch on Sunday. David and I woke up around 11 on Sunday and waited until about 12 to hear from Dave and Sandy. When they din't call, we called and got the answering machine. So we sat around until about 1:30 waiting for them to call. When Dave finally called, they had already gone to brunch without us. They called another couple but didn't call us. I was so sad. It rocked my world pretty significantly, so this hasn't been the best week so far. Yuck. Sandy called back to apologize, but I'm not buying it. Sad.
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